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On 12/3/07, Jason Dorje Short <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
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> William Allen Simpson wrote:
> > Since this was broken (by you in PR#14365) circa Dec 2005, and has had only
> > one report (Aug 2007) in two (2) years, it is clearly not a commonly used
> > command.  It has never worked.  It was never documented.  It is not in
> > either xaw or sdl.  Going, going, gone....
> Um, no.
> First of all, deleting features from the stable branch is not something
> that should be done lightly.  Nor should you, in general, delete things
> from any branch without the chance for discussion.
> [...]

I agree that this was done in too hasty a fashion. William, if you
wanted this code gone so badly, you could at least have presented some
kind of roadmap for reimplementation.

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