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William Allen Simpson wrote:

> (1) You have two ways of doing the same thing.

Should be fixed.

> (2) One of them has not worked for about two years, and certainly was not
> tested at the time it was committed.

I'm quite sure it worked when it was committed.

> (3) It crashes.  We're not talking about failing an assert, or some other
> known problem, we're talking hard crashes!

Quite.  Fortunately it's a 2-line fix.

> (4) It is not easily used by laptops.

That IS a problem.  As discussed on irc and requested many times 
throughout the life of the progject, gtk menu keys really should be 

> (5) It was not important enough to be implemented by all clients -- nor
> *any* other client!

At the time it was added gui-gtk was pretty much the only client.


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