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Daniel Markstedt wrote:
> I agree that this was done in too hasty a fashion. William, if you
> wanted this code gone so badly, you could at least have presented some
> kind of roadmap for reimplementation.
There is no *need* for reimplementation.  There is *already* another
implementation using the mouse.

This is an example of one of the serious problems with this project:
careless and untested implementation.  I came to this project to help add
new features, but instead have spent nearly all my time trying to cleanup
old trash.

(1) You have two ways of doing the same thing.

(2) One of them has not worked for about two years, and certainly was not
tested at the time it was committed.

(3) It crashes.  We're not talking about failing an assert, or some other
known problem, we're talking hard crashes!

(4) It is not easily used by laptops.

(5) It was not important enough to be implemented by all clients -- nor
*any* other client!

(6) It was never documented.

There is absolutely no excuse for a "stable" branch having this kind of
crap in it at all.  It's not stable.  And there's no good reason for
doing it *again* in development....

If you want to spend time on something, make sure the remaining method
always works and is well documented.

BTW, your poll is terribly inaccurate and incomplete.  It forgot to
mention the mouse quickselect that does the same things.  And anybody
that says they've used the feature (even seldom) is probably lying,
since it crashed immediately in 2.1, and I'm not sure it worked in
earlier versions.  They may have used it in a warclient, but that's
irrelevant to this project.

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