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> [jdorje - Dim. Déc. 02 01:59:36 2007]:
> Your last patch looks like it does what it says it does.  And I agree
> the current code is broken (modifying a unit list inside the list
> iterator is a no-no, that's what iterate_safe is for, but even with
> iterate_safe the behavior is broken as it just selected different units
> repeatedly).
> What I question is why you'd want the behavior to be that way when there
> are multiple units selected.  Say I have 5 units on 5 different tiles
> selected...what use would be a quickselect that gives me 5 different
> land units, one per tile?  I thought the purpose of quickselect was to
> give just ONE unit for quick action in multiplayer games.
> In that context I would think the key_quickselect action should just
> pick one unit on one tile to bring into focus.  The question then
> becomes (when the battlegroup spans multiple tiles), which tile to
> choose.  I'm no expect on multiplayer freeciv but I'd think the tile
> nearest the center of the screen would be the most likely to be the one
> the player wants.
> -jason

I thought about it a long time. I think the last issue I found was the
more practical/nearer than the current way... 

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