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William Allen Simpson wrote:

> Since this was broken (by you in PR#14365) circa Dec 2005, and has had only
> one report (Aug 2007) in two (2) years, it is clearly not a commonly used
> command.  It has never worked.  It was never documented.  It is not in
> either xaw or sdl.  Going, going, gone....

Um, no.

First of all, deleting features from the stable branch is not something 
that should be done lightly.  Nor should you, in general, delete things 
from any branch without the chance for discussion.

Secondly, there was discussion, which you ignored.

If we were to continue the discussion, it would go something like this: 
the bug was reported shortly after 2.1 was released and has since been a 
continual complaint on the forums (I'm told); therefore it clearly IS a 
command that is used.

Also, it makes no technical sense to delete an existing keyboard command 
  that duplicates a mouse command.  We still have exactly the same 
problem we had before but without the keyboard shortcut for it.  Instead 
we should fix the commands so that they don't have two separate backend 
implementations, and fix them to work properly.

Please rethink your unreasonable position.


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