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Jason Dorje Short wrote:
> No need to read the code, just ask anyone who plays multiplayer.
The code itself is canonical.

> The quickselect is intended to pick a quick unit from the current stack 
> to do a quick action.
Wrong.  The code comments explicitly say "Focus unit is excluded."  The
code matches the comments [client/control.c line 2028]:

     if (game.player_ptr != unit_owner(punit) || unit_is_in_focus(punit)) {

Perhaps that careless misunderstanding is how the code was so badly done
(but doesn't explain how it was egregiously never tested before commit).

> The / and * keys duplicate the behavior of the RMB and LMB.  This should 
> be documented and those key commands added to the menu.  And while we're 
> at it we should pick keys that aren't so random.
We should eliminate duplicate functions.  They are confusing and cause
extra work to document and maintain.

Since this was broken (by you in PR#14365) circa Dec 2005, and has had only
one report (Aug 2007) in two (2) years, it is clearly not a commonly used
command.  It has never worked.  It was never documented.  It is not in
either xaw or sdl.  Going, going, gone....

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