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Pepeto _ wrote:
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>> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Lun. Déc. 03 18:45:11 2007]:
>> William Allen Simpson wrote:
>>> (2) One of them has not worked for about two years, and certainly
> was not
>>> tested at the time it was committed.
>> I'm quite sure it worked when it was committed.
> The code you committed was not clean. It worked for one selected unit.
> For more, it crashed. But I don't blame you. In a so big patch, This is
> 'human' to make at least one mistake. Multi unit selection feature
> couldn't be fixed in only one commit, that's normal...

The original patch was provided by a warclient developer and worked.  I 
broke it when battlegroups were introduced, clearly a rather foolish 
programming error.


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