"Matthias Pfafferodt" <matthias.pfaffer...@mapfa.de> writes:

> Hello Goswin,
> Thanks for testing the patch. Here only a short answer; more later ...
> At the moment the freeciv development is really fast. So there seems to be
> some changes which require an update of the patch. I tested the entire
> patch set (see patch #1235; https://gna.org/patch/?1235; file #6879:
> cityradius.diff) before I updated it. I will check for compile errors and
> update it today in the evening.

Have you ever used quilt? It might be usefull to provide the colective
diff as quilt series. It is easy enough to generate a quilt series
from git preserving the individual patches and comments from the
individual bug reports you filed.

> To use variable city radii you need some changes to the ruleset. You could
> try my experimental ruleset (patch #1236; https://gna.org/patch/?1236).
> Within this ruleset the following city radii are defined (see
> effects.ruleset and also ./doc/README.ruleset_experimental):

>>- Activate variable city radii:
>>    radius 1: start
>>    radius 2: city size 3
>>    radius 3: city size 10 + Railroad
>>    radius 4: city size 30 + Railroad + Mass Transit + Super Highway
>>  The vision range of the city is adapted accordingly.
> To get all the new things listed in this file some additional patches are
> needed (settings patch series for game settings in the game.ruleset file).

What else besides #1235 and #1236?

> Changing the definition to use radius_sq should be possible and would also
> be consistend with the use of radius_sq for borders and vision range. I
> will check this.
> The 'lot of black' in the city window is a known problem. I don't know how
> to code for the (gtk) client. Ideally there would be a 5x5 map (default
> size) and scrolling bars. After opening, this window should be centered on
> the city.
> Please use the bug / patch tracker for comments. It helps to follow the
> discussion(s).

Sure. Just didn't want to clutter it up with compile errors.

I should probably create a login for it too instead of anonymous.

> Matthias


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