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> Matthias Pfafferodt <matthias.pfaffer...@mapfa.de> writes:
>>> My biggest city is size 17 so far. I will have to see if the plague
>>> allows the city to grow to size 30 at all.
>> Did you try the experimental ruleset? There, some buildings with a 'health' 
>> effect are added. This means, that the possibility of an illness is reduced. 
>> Furthermore you could check the corresponding wiki page 
>> (http://freeciv.wikia.com/wiki/Math_of_Freeciv).
>> Matthias
> Hospital, genlab and cure for cancer help a lot. Biggest city is now
> size 54. 270+ production in that city. I didn't merge changing unit
> upkeep from shield to gold in my ruleset. I have tons of shield but
> never enough gold.
> Given the amount of pollution, even with recycling I will have to
> destroy the Hover Dam and build solar plants instead.
> MfG
>         Goswin

I actualy went and fixed the ruleset so that solarfarm still reduces
pollution to 0 even with Hover Dam and Recycling Center. That really
helps. Biggest city now 125.

I have to say that the Pyramids combined with a Granary are made even
more powerfull by migration now. Initially with Pyramids and Granary
in a size 2 city one can buy a settler every turn and the city just
pops back up to size 2. This allows for a rapid expansion of ones
empire giving one a huge headstart.

Now, with migration same thing happens. A citizen migrates and the
city just pops back to size 2, thus giving a steady stream of migrants
to grow a city. So even when expansion stops you still get a huge
grows benefit throughout the rest of the game.

I also believe the migration is done every 5 turns with a 50% change
for the source city (default). That means surrounding a large city by
10 small cities will (on average) grow the large city by 1 each turn.
Maybe there should be at most one migration to the same city per
5 turns. I.e. people can only migrate to a city that didn't already
recieve migrants in the last 5 turns. Currently migration is more
powerfull than rapture.


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