Am Thursday 08 October 2009 01:43:23 schrieb Goswin von Brederlow:
> On a related matter, how does migration work with the patch?
> The patch says the city radius is considered. Does the other city need
> to lie within the city raidus? Do the city radius of both cities need
> to overlap? Can there be a gap of <x> tiles between the city radii of
> both cities?
> I think the migration distance config option should select this, e.g.
> -99: city must lie within city radius
> -x: city radii must overlap
> 0: city radii must touch
> x: there may be x tiles between city radii
> I think a default of -1 would make sense.

At the moment migration is defined by a migration distance (1 to 7). The patch 
#1232 adds the possibility to set the migration distance to 0. In this case, 
the migration distance depends on the city radius (migration distance = city 
radius + 1; your case 0).

As for the migration one has to check all tiles within migration radius of the 
receiving city for giver cities the radius should be as small as possible.

> Another option would be that only used tiles of one city that lie
> within the city radius of another may cause migration.

I think this would be to much micro management. One would try to _not_ have 
such tiles, which in turn would mean to check the cities every turn ...


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