Matthias Pfafferodt <> writes:

> Am Wednesday 07 October 2009 13:22:13 schrieb Goswin von Brederlow:
>> "Matthias Pfafferodt" <> writes:
>> > Hello Goswin,
>> >
>> > Thanks for testing the patch. Here only a short answer; more later ...
>> >
>> > At the moment the freeciv development is really fast. So there seems to
>> > be some changes which require an update of the patch. I tested the entire
>> > patch set (see patch #1235;; file #6879:
>> > cityradius.diff) before I updated it. I will check for compile errors and
>> > update it today in the evening.
>> Have you ever used quilt? It might be usefull to provide the colective
>> diff as quilt series. It is easy enough to generate a quilt series
>> from git preserving the individual patches and comments from the
>> individual bug reports you filed.
> I'm using git (format-patch) and as user interface qgit2. I have not tested  
> quilt.
> I only compile tested the patch for gtk2. Thanks for catching this errors on 
> the other clients!
>> > To use variable city radii you need some changes to the ruleset. You
>> > could try my experimental ruleset (patch #1236;
>> > Within this ruleset the following city
>> > radii are defined (see
>> >
>> > effects.ruleset and also ./doc/README.ruleset_experimental):
>> >>- Activate variable city radii:
>> >>    radius 1: start
>> >>    radius 2: city size 3
>> >>    radius 3: city size 10 + Railroad
>> >>    radius 4: city size 30 + Railroad + Mass Transit + Super Highway
>> >>  The vision range of the city is adapted accordingly.
>> >
>> > To get all the new things listed in this file some additional patches are
>> > needed (settings patch series for game settings in the game.ruleset
>> > file).
>> What else besides #1235 and #1236?
> Nothing! #1235 includes all the patches listed in this metaticket and #1236 
> adds a ruleset which activates the variable city radii. You have to 
> execute 'rulesetdir experimental'. I tested it and got a city with a radius 
> of 5 ;-)
>> > Changing the definition to use radius_sq should be possible and would
>> > also be consistend with the use of radius_sq for borders and vision
>> > range. I will check this.
> It would be possible to use radius_sq. But this would require a complete 
> rewrite of most code of the patch due to the changes needed to the city tiles 
> iterator. All references to city_radius (or the function city_map_radius()) 
> have to be replaced by city_map_radius_sq() ...
> At the moment I don't have much time, but this seems something which should 
> be 
> done. I think 2.3.0 (or 2.2.1?) will have this ;-)
> Matthias

On a related matter, how does migration work with the patch?

The patch says the city radius is considered. Does the other city need
to lie within the city raidus? Do the city radius of both cities need
to overlap? Can there be a gap of <x> tiles between the city radii of
both cities?

I think the migration distance config option should select this, e.g.

-99: city must lie within city radius
-x: city radii must overlap
0: city radii must touch
x: there may be x tiles between city radii

I think a default of -1 would make sense.

Another option would be that only used tiles of one city that lie
within the city radius of another may cause migration.


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