2009/10/20 Pepeto <pepet...@gmail.com>:
> Hello men,
> could we create metatickets for 2.1.10 release and 2.2-beta1 at gna to
> see how far are we from it?  Maybe we could create a ticket in tasks?

 There certainly is enough bugfixes gone in since 2.1.9 to justify
2.1.10 release as soon as possible. Especially since 2.1.9 still
instructs to use old bugtracker and uses temporary metaserver URL.
However we also have one serious regression since 2.1.9, which we
don't want to have in release ( bug #13465 ) I don't think we need a
metaticket that depends on just one other ticket.
 Also, I'd rather create new metaticket for 2.2 in general, and not
separately for beta1. At least that's the way we've done it in
previous releases. Note that there is already 2.2 metaticket in RT.
Beta1 should be released as soon as editor support for start positions
is finished and any critical bugs are fixed. Also, there can be no new
mandatory capabilities after beta1 release, so anything requiring such
should go in before beta1.

 - ML

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