Follow-up Comment #15, bug #16413 (project freeciv):

I confirm the new patch is working properly.

Unfortunately, it does not solve AI bankrupts. It seems AI simply does not
know to balance his economy with gold_upkeep_style != 0.

Based on the behavior I see in my tests, I'd say AI set the tax/sci/lux bar
based on the income per city, no matter the global economy of the nation.

I have seen an AI under democracy, with tax=10%(science=90%), losing -30 gold
per turn until treasure reaches 0, losing units and buildings, and still
keeping science=90%.
If I reload that save game with gold_upkeep_style = 0, the AI balances the
economy immediatly to tax=60% and +30 income per turn.

The reason I suggested this patch is I used to play gold_upkeep_style = 1,
and AI seems to be unable to balance the economy when his income become
negative due to amount of units supported by gold. I though to kill the
excess of units would be the solution.

Now I understand the problem is not that AI can't disband units, the problem
seems to be that AI do not take into account the support of units and
buildings unless included in the gold balance per city (not verified, just a

I still think it is a good think to dissband a unit and then to sell a
building alternatively, as you did with this patch.


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