Follow-up Comment #10, bug #16413 (project freeciv):

You are right about error message, I forgot I had a modded "default" ruleset
in my "/home/.freeciv" folder...
I did not planned to report a bug unless tested with default rulesets.

I'm afraid my previous results about your patch are not valid for same
reason, I was changing the gold_upkeep_style in a file that was not used.
Sorry me, I'm novice here, I'll be more careful with future tests, and I'll
try to limit the amount of my posts :)

I have tested a bit more your patch with trunk revision 17877, I'm almost
sure I tested it properly this time, I attach the savegames with the error:

1) I have played a game with unmodded "experimental" ruleset and
gold_upkeep_style = 1, played until Corporation is researched, and it seems
to work same than always.
If, in the middle of that game, I switching to gold_upkeep_style = 2, when I
press end turn the game stops with the error: "Lost connection to server!".
If I switch to gold_upkeep_style = 0 the game continues normally.

-> in /data/experimental/game.ruleset, change gold_upkeep_style to 2, then
load savegame1 and press end turn.

2) I have started another game with "experimental" ruleset and
gold_upkeep_style = 2. As soon as my treasure falls under zero when I press
end turn, the server crashes. Even when there is no gold upkeep (The
corporation still not researched).

-> load savegame2 and press end turn.

Final comment: if the purpose of the change is to reduce army size when you
can not support it, I suggest gold_upkeep_style = 2 to sell alternatively one
unit and one building, as you did, but starting by units. Else, the money from
the building will surely be enough to support the extra units this turn, and
next time you run out of money, another building will be sold. If I'm right.

(file #10213, file #10214)

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