Follow-up Comment #6, bug #16413 (project freeciv):

Now I think I understood your post...

Yes, I have verified the upkeep problem. It is true that with shield upkeep
you can not create or rehome units if the city production is already 0.
Still, you can construct Bach's wonder (force content 2) and it would allow a
city with pop = 2 to send to war as much units as his production, without any
unhappiness under democracy.

Pop 2 city with railroads and mines can support a lot of units, arround 10 or
so. And that is much higher than the effect of police stations or Women
suffrage wonder.
Also, it is a known multiplayer trick/exploit to construct Shakespeare
theater (no unhappy) in a city with a lot of production and to rehome all
your attacking units to that city. It practically dissables the military
unhappiness by Democracy/Republic governments.

With gold upkeep is even worse, because there is no limit to the units you
can construct or rehome, even if your income is negative. It is logical, else
when you move the tax bar you would affect the max units per city.

That is why I suggest to use population as an alternative limit for both gold
and shield upkeep.

In my civ2-3 ruleset, I solved partially the exploit of force_content,
make_happy and no_unhappy, by replacing them by luxury bonuses in the central
tile of cities. Because luxuries can not remove the unhappiness caused by
military units (they are taken into account before), and at same time
luxuries can create other happy citizens to counter the citizens unhappy by
military units.
But I guess people do not like such changes in default ruleset.

Btw, I have been able to compile and execute the trunk, and I'm trying to
edit manually the file cityturn.c with your changes, to test them.
Current Trunk revision 17939 gives me this error message when I start new

Please report this message at
in can_player_build_unit_direct() [unittype.c::631]: assertion '((void *)0)
!= punittype' failed.

That is all, sorry me the long post.


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