Follow-up Comment #7, bug #16413 (project freeciv):

>If you look into the directory where the patch was rejected, i'll find the
file with the correct modifications and a .rejected and .orig files.
>The .orig is the original file before the patch process took over it, and
the .rejected containts the parts of the patch that didn't got applied. In
that file i'll find information of the code to apply and what did find the
patch process.

Thank you jnf.
I have finally been able to apply and compile the patch over trunk revision
17877 (the day Matthias uploaded the patch).
I'm still testing it, but I'm afraid it does not seem to work as expected.
Units are killed even when the treasure is not under zero, and it happens
even with gold upkeep style 1 that are supposedly unchanged... if I

I'll keep testing until I understand how exactly worked the old gold upkeep
styles and how are currently working the new ones.


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