Follow-up Comment #5, patch #3804 (project freeciv):

> Unfortunately, without the certain knowledge that the model is
> of vertical separation with only intervening air, this isn't
> enough.

It certainly does not allow just anything, but I think it has good feature
enabling / complexity ratio. You need good use-case examples to convince me
that any added complexity is worth it. We can leave some restrictions for
ruleset authors to work around.

> Consider the case of a Burrowing unit with disembarks including
> Antigravity disembarking over a Burrow Tube: should this unit
> survive because it is disembarking on a native road,

That's just one case of our tile nativity status being just boolean - one tile
cannot be differently native than the other. One could also question should
Antiburrow missiles really be able to hit burrowing units in tubes, and other
units not.
As a ruleset author I had to make the decision of whether to add burrow tubes
to ruleset or not, knowing that having them sets some restrictions to other
ruleset features.


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