Follow-up Comment #6, patch #3804 (project freeciv):

Heh, if you're happy with a less complex patch even if it's not known to be
correct for any imagined use cases, that makes it relatively easy.  I'll
implement with two bitvectors (embark, disembark) that work like targets, and
in wipe_unit just kill/teleport anything that can't disembark if the
transporter is wiped (trying to find nomenclature that doesn't imply semantic
assignment for inability to disembark).  For my immediate purposes, this is
entirely sufficient, although it does impose constraints on ruleset authors
with multiple semantics in place for UCF_UNREACHABLE.  I presume that in those
cases, in the event that defintion of some road, base, or unit would break the
local semantics within the ruleset, the ruleset author would have the option
of not using the feature in every case (or even at all) to preserve world
continuity (or potentially extend the feature as part of a separate patch
covering just those corner cases).


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