Update of patch #3804 (project freeciv):

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Follow-up Comment #14:

Reading the patch (not yet testing) looks good.

Note to committer and anyone using this patch: network capstr needs bump.
It's ok that this is not included in patch as it changes very often just
causing patches including it not to apply cleanly.

- Could you separate experimental ruleset change to another patch (ticket).
While I consider the code change to 2.5, I don't want to add new units to
supplied ruleset for it in 2.5 timeframe (our major releases have been pending
gfx required for new features often enough)
- Another issue completely external to this patch itself: We've had plenty of
problems with wipe_unit() and friends lately. Keeping it identical between
S2_4 and TRUNK would give more testing to S2_4 implementation nearing stable
release, so I rather postpone committing this a bit.


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