Follow-up Comment #15, patch #3804 (project freeciv):

Moving the units to a separate patch seems perfectly reasonable, and I'm
fairly unconcerned if that ever lands: the units and vector definitions are
only set for testing, and may not actually work well in play.

Shall I also separate out the refactoring of wipe_unit into something that can
be applied to both S2_4 and TRUNK, and then create a patch to enable air that
depends upon that?  Or alternately, is the plan to wait until S2_4 release
prior to applying this to TRUNK?  I don't mind either way, but if the
refactoring looks useful sooner than air transport, I'll separate it right
away, whereas if it's only interesting in this context, I'll wait until 2.4
release, and rebase the patch on the wipe_unit() implementation existing at
that point.


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