Excited about the new version and have begun working on a YouTube review
for version 1.2. I focus on games, so that's what I test.

Trying out a few games I found the following:

- The supplied optical drive driver doesn't seem to handle CD audio tracks
well. Games such as Tomb Raider do not play any CD audio music. Replacing
the supplied optical drive driver with resolves this issue for most games.

- Even when replacing the optical drive driver, some CD based games have
issues, such as Fade To Black. To resolve these I had to use MSCDEX.EXE
from Microsoft

- I noticed that start-up menus are not compatible with FreeDOS. It uses a
different method for menu options which means a lot of existing menus won't
be working with FreeDOS

- Took me a while to figure out why FreeDOS wasn't running on my Pentium
PC. I had to use the legacy version. There is a note related to this on the
download page, but it's ambiguous.

- Maybe included an option to run FDISK during the installation. I simply
quit the installer and ran it manually.

Thank you for listening and keep up the good work!

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