Op 4-12-2016 om 21:25 schreef Eric Auer:

> For those who prefer text, the message happens VERY early: MEMDISK,
> kernel, handling of the A20... Probably "as soon as XMS driver is
> loaded", although the XMS driver message itself is not visible in
> the screenshot. That would mean that the "legacy" distro would use
> another XMS driver version which is more stable? I assume FAT32 is
> used for the primary partition, probably with LBA support enabled?

Hi all.

Things worth trying:
* avoid DOS=HIGH
* avoid DOS=UMB

A more specific workaround might be adding parameters to MEMDISK for 
additional system compatibility ("raw/bigraw").


I don't know how the Syslinux (Isolinux?) bootmenu has been crafted, but 
assuming it's text-only rather than a menu, maybe it's worthwile adding 
a delay of 2 to 5 seconds before starting the default entry, thus giving 
people the opportunity to select a MEMDISK entry with alternative 

As for FreeDOS 1.2 I'm happy it's being worked on and almost ready for 
release. I dreaded package updates and always got stuck into scripting 


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