On Sat, Dec 3, 2016 at 8:45 PM, Philip Hoefer
<philscomputer...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Excited about the new version and have begun working on a YouTube review for
> version 1.2. I focus on games, so that's what I test.
> Trying out a few games I found the following:
> - The supplied optical drive driver doesn't seem to handle CD audio tracks
> well. Games such as Tomb Raider do not play any CD audio music. Replacing
> the supplied optical drive driver with resolves this issue for most games.

AFAIK, they include UDVD2 from 2013 (not sure why). Although
abandoned, you should (also) try UIDE (2015) from here:


We don't have many other options since hardware manufacturers don't
support DOS anymore, and even legacy drivers are usually hard to find.

Also, keep in mind that old games were only tested with MS-DOS on
ancient hardware, so any quirks and subtle bugs there are unavoidable.
The preferred solution for DOS gaming is probably (SDL-based) DOSBox
emulator (akin to a fast 486).

> - Even when replacing the optical drive driver, some CD based games have
> issues, such as Fade To Black. To resolve these I had to use MSCDEX.EXE from
> Microsoft

In theory, I suppose proving that MSCDEX works might prompt further
investigation. Otherwise, just to state the obvious, MS tools aren't
directly useful to us since we can't redistribute them.

I suggest trying (forked) SHCDX33F if normal SHSUCDX 3.05 doesn't work:


> - I noticed that start-up menus are not compatible with FreeDOS. It uses a
> different method for menu options which means a lot of existing menus won't
> be working with FreeDOS

There may?? have been some partial support for MS menus back in kernel
2037 or such, but it didn't get mainlined. Plus, even DR-DOS was not
compatible with MS in this manner. Honestly, even though it's a weak
excuse, it really isn't hard to migrate such syntactical differences.
(Of course if everything was incompatible, that would be more

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