> Good to know :-) And good to know that Fade To Black is the only game
> with problems with SHSUCDX. My thought was that maybe SHSUCDX has some
> debug options so you could collect information whether any feature is
> called by the game for which SHSUCDX has known shortcomings... If the
> default SHSUCDX does not support that, even a patch could work, but I
> guess the game graphics would make it hard to see SHSUCDX messages?

I don't know if this is the only game, but it is the only game out of the
games I tried that had such an issue.

> Well Jerome is right that the "legacy friendly" distro works, but I
> would still want to know which component of the default distro would
> need a NEWER than Pentium CPU. After all, Pentium is quite new, too.
> I would expect that even the normal distro works when you skip loading
> that part. For example ALL core components should be happy with 386.

He explained that it has to do with the way they boot. Anyway, I captured
the process and took a screenshot right at the moment the error happens. It
is here: http://i.imgur.com/bZFSJkw.png

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