Hi Phil,

> - The supplied optical drive driver doesn't seem to handle CD audio tracks
> well. Games such as Tomb Raider do not play any CD audio music. Replacing
> the supplied optical drive driver with resolves this issue for most games.

You wrote that VIDECDD worked. Did any free and open driver work?

The supplied driver probably means "the driver which came with
the drive". That would be a reasonable alternative in that case.

> - Even when replacing the optical drive driver, some CD based games have
> issues, such as Fade To Black. To resolve these I had to use MSCDEX.EXE
> from Microsoft

That surprises me, SHSUCDX is quite feature rich. Would you be
interested to investigate those further?

> - I noticed that start-up menus are not compatible with FreeDOS.

We do have start menus, but syntax differs from MS DOS style.
As far as I remember, discussion about that years ago had the
outcome that config / autoexec differ from MS DOS anyway, as
we ship other drivers with other option syntax, so no problem?

> - Took me a while to figure out why FreeDOS wasn't running on my Pentium

Please let us know which of our components expects a CPU which
is newer than Pentium. I would have expected everything on the
ISO to run on 386 or at least "486 DX with PCI" and up. Pentium
is really modern for most DOS things. It does lack a time stamp
counter, conditional move and all the fancy vector computing of
MMX and newer, but I expect VERY few DOS apps to require those.

Even for USB or SATA drivers I would expect Pentium to be okay:
Of course they can say "no SATA, skipped", but should not crash.

> - Maybe included an option to run FDISK during the installation.
> I simply quit the installer and ran it manually.

If you ask me, what you did is the best way. It shows that you
knew what you were doing and that we included FDISK ;-) I would
not try to nudge unskilled users into using risky tools as FDISK.

Regards, Eric

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