Hi Phil,

>> Well Jerome is right that the "legacy friendly" distro works, but I
>> would still want to know which component of the default distro would
>> need a NEWER than Pentium CPU. After all, Pentium is quite new, too.
>> I would expect that even the normal distro works when you skip loading
>> that part. For example ALL core components should be happy with 386.
> He explained that it has to do with the way they boot. Anyway, I captured
> the process and took a screenshot right at the moment the error happens. It
> is here: http://i.imgur.com/bZFSJkw.png

For those who prefer text, the message happens VERY early: MEMDISK,
kernel, handling of the A20... Probably "as soon as XMS driver is
loaded", although the XMS driver message itself is not visible in
the screenshot. That would mean that the "legacy" distro would use
another XMS driver version which is more stable? I assume FAT32 is
used for the primary partition, probably with LBA support enabled?

The screen shows:
old: int13 = f000b664 int 15 = f000f859 int 1e = f000efc7
Loading boot sector... booting...
FreeDOS kernel 2042 (build 2042 OEM:0xfd) [compiled May 11 2016]


C: HD1, Pri[1], CHS=0-1-1, start=0 MB, size=15406 MB
MEMDISK version 4.05 (2880 sectors)
KBC A20 method used
Kernel: allocated 45 Diskbuffers = 23940 Bytes in HMA


Invalid Opcode at 0FAE 1068 0046 0001 0002 0000 0200 0000 0000
0183 0000 4200 0001 ...

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