At 04:52 AM 5/5/2006 +0200, Eric Auer wrote:

of course this is unrelated to the problem that
Descent and some other games with DOS4GW DOS extender
do not run well in plain FreeDOS. The problem does
not seem to occur in DOSEMU. This can mean that either
emm386 / himem have a compatibility problem or that
DOS4GW has a problem with computers where too much
memory is installed

No, they work fine for me. Descent was an early successful test for me and others who tested following VCPI-support release. I don't think speculation on who or what could be a problem on your specific environment extrapolated to everyone else's environments at an early stage without hard evidence is going to be much help.

I also don't like this sort of extremely early speculation coming on the heels of Mr. Lam's recent spate of ridiculous posts, because it just feeds into him posting more irrelevant advice about trying alternate memory managers when they have nothing to do with the situation. Plus, it confuses and wastes time for general users who don't -- and shouldn't need to -- understand fine details of how memory management affects various low-level behaviors.

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