At 04:23 AM 5/6/2006 +0800, someone who refuses to directly face those he accuses wrote:

>As far as I remember, Jack did not want to tell us about the
>four (if I remember correctly) critical bugs in himem/emm386,
>so Michael cannot fix them either. He only told us THAT there
>are bugs, but did not provide details about the bugs.

Don't rewind your tape anymore, very annoying.

Mr. Devore refused to believe FD-HIMEM have bugs, so we have no need
to report anything.

That's an outrageous and stupid lie, since you could not possibly find any reference where I would stated any such foolish thing. I happen to believe that FreeDOS HIMEM probably does still contain an obscure bug or two. Maybe even three.

Frankly, after that ridiculous statement, I must believe you are also lying about discovering bugs in FD-HIMEM. Certainly you cannot produce any such bugs under pressure to come clean on the matter. However, if you had, even coming from you, I would have fixed them.

And that's the last communication I will have with you directly or through your parrot, Johnson Lam. If you do really have a buglist and your conscience ever tickles you to report them, please find someone reputable to send them on to me.

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