9-Июл-2006 18:10 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Aitor Santamarэa) wrote to

>>     So, even if Borland releases their compilers as open source, this gives
>> nothing useful. And even if they release compilers as free(dom) open-source,
>> I doubt that someone (experienced) will spend they efforts to evolve them to
>> something more modern.
AS> Well, I disagree with you for the case of TurboPascal: at least there
AS> would be ONE open source 16-bit Pascal compiler.

     Issue is, that TP is a Pascal dialect, nobody (including standards)
compatible and nowhere standardized. This (missing standards and
compatibility with standards) is especially important, because TP is highly
tied to DOS (and slightly to 16-bit Windows) platform and, thus,
non-portable to newer platforms. I think, this very highly decreases
perspectives of TP (_if_ it will be released as free open-source) to evolve.
If you not expect evolving, then why you need sources?

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