Wesley Parish wrote:
> There was a thread on getting writers and maintainers of old retired DOS 
> software to release it as Open Source and I've lost track of it, otherwise I 
> would be continuing it.  My bad.
> What I want to ask is, has anyone approached Borland about the possibility of 
> releasing their DOS compiler and database products as Open Source?  I've 
> considered doing it myself, but I don't know just who I should contact.
> Any ideas, brickbats?
> Wesley Parish
At least in the case of TC when that got posted in Borland's Museum 
site, I had emailed someone at Borland, and received a generic "no", 
with a followup suggesting that the sources to TC weren't available 
anymore.  One assumes they were purged.

I haven't gone back to ask about BC3.1, which was my favorite DOS 
compiler for a very, very long time.


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