> > *Using 4DOS as standard command tool, and Bash or freecom as choice.
> 4DOS is okay, but I would prefer to have Freecom by default, and the choice to
> switch to bash/4DOS, because Freecom is the most similar to MSDOS

But 4DOS is very compatible ... all batch files should work with 4DOS.

> > *Using HX Extender & Co to support Windows programs in DOS
> HX Extender in a default instalation? I would say no... it should be rather
> available as an optional package.

why not? There could be a choice of "standard configuration" and
"enhanced configuration". HX Extender should be a must :-)
Also FDAPM & XDMA should be included in the enhanced config.sys.

> For me, batch is just okay :)

Of course...but it could be installed too. New users should come to FreeDOS.

> > *Using an Editor which supports large files (like FED or SETEDIT)
> The MS-EDIT from W98 is the best editor I've seen so far. To bad there aren't
> any free clone of it :(

No Synthax-Highlightning. I don't like it.

> > *One standard file manager (my choice would be FW or NDN)
> File manager should be optional. Personally, I don't use such tools, I prefer
> to COPY / DEL and REN my files. Of course there should be at least 2-3
> choices for file manager.

Why optional? If it is installed, you need not use it.

> > *No more 386- support
> Wow, not so fast!
> The purpose of FreeDOS is to reproduce a MSDOS system on x86 CPUs... Go read
> Jim's manifesto ;-)

Wasn't it the purpose of FreeDOS 1.0? What changed with 8086 code? I
think nothing. So FreeDOS 2.0 wouldn't bring new things to this

> > And the GUI? I would say OZONE :-))))))
> > Even with the drag'n'drop-bug it has many features and developing of
> > programs isn't difficult.
> Command-line is enough for me,

Yes, but new users like GUI, I think.

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