I found very interesting that all the required sizes are multiple of six,
so is wise that glyph designer to use a matrix with 6 pixels...

Only 9 pins high-res is exact multiple of eigth

A simple way is to reduce the character with is to look for 2 consecutive
columns with the same bits, and delete one (as contain redundant
You need to deleted 2 columns on each glyph to get a 6 columns matrix.

But to get beauty characters with good simetry is better to do such job
by hand.
How many characters has you database?
A good text editor with column mode (as crimson editor) will help

El 07/05/2011 12:35 a.m., Henrique Peron escribió:
> Alain, the answer is to interpolate the glyphs but I don't know how to 
> do it - by the way, at least on what concerns Epson printers, I think 
> that there's a native way to interpolate low-resolution glyphs. Anyone 
> wishing to develop the printer driver would also have to check Panasonic 
> documentation.
> Henrique
> Em 6/5/2011 23:01, Alain Mouette escreveu:
>> In the printes, fonts should have
>> Low Res  9 pin: 72/6 = 12 pixels
>> Low Res 24 pin: 180/6= 30 pixels
>> Hi Res   9 pin: 144/6= 24 pixels
>> Hi Res  24 pin: 360/6= 60 pixels
>> This for the whole line (glyph + spacing). Can tou imagine how to
>> convert your database to work with these resolutions?
>> Alain

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