Am 06.06.2011 01:24, schrieb David C. Kerber:

>> On Sun, Jun 5, 2011 at 3:15 PM, Mike Eriksen
>>>> Neither XP nor "light" Linuxes typically run well (if at
>> all) in even
>>>> 128 MB of RAM, so saying 20 years is a bit of an
>> exaggeration, even

 > I ran my home web server with debian Lenny in 128MB for a long 
time.  Once I added Tomcat and an e-mail server, I had to add more 
ram, but for just http serving, 128MB was fine.

Hmm. I confess, I run my home webserver with Debian GNU/Linux 4 (Etch) 
and 20 MB Ram and a 486SX which is 18 years old.  Check it at: 

As long as you don't run X and you do build an own small kernel, the 
OS, Apache 2   and some services like smb and ssh work fine on such an 
old plastic brick. As the install process is really slow, I normally 
install Linux by plugging the harddisk into another machine, install 
the OS there, compile the kernel and put it back into the old machine. 
It still takes some time (and some tricks) to do it.

Of course FreeDOS works great on the machine too (and is much! faster 
up and running). I am using it for occasional maintenance of the 
server and, of course, for fun.

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