>> Do try to understand, as my damn ex-wife never did [part of
>> why she BECAME my ex- 32 years ago!!], that I have a REASON
>> for everything I say and do, same as for everything in UIDE
> Just making suggestions for universally faster and
> more fool-proof UIDE, as I dislike the idea that
> people have to manually disable floppy caches or
> tweak their (virtual) hardware to properly load
> UIDE ...

To "make a long story short", after my one and your two long
posts today, I see NO reason for any further changes in UIDE
or UIDE2.   Its PCI-bus scan is now virtually instantaneous,
and its diskette media-change logic works, without problems.
So I will obey our other U.S. engineering "joke" (along with
our K.I.S.S. Principle), which is "Don't MESS with SUCCESS!"
(and "mess" is the polite word!).

With good hardware, UIDE/UIDE2 have run just fine from about
late 2006 onward.   With "imperfect" hardware, or any "dumb"
emulator program, UIDE/UIDE2 users are now able to --

(A) "Call the BIOS" for disk I-O and so avoid disk PCI scans
     with /E, which still caches disk data after the calls.

(B) Ignore hard-disks completely [no caching] with /N1.

(C) Run "unusual" CD/DVD drives via "PIO mode" [no UltraDMA]
     with /UX.   CD/DVD drives still demand a PCI scan, since
     they are not "declared" to me by the BIOS during init.

(D) Ignore CD/DVD drives completely [no caching] with /N2.

(E) Ignore diskettes completely [no caching] with /N5.

I think that is ENOUGH to include in UIDE/UIDE2!   Those who
use "VirtualBox" or other imperfect garbage, who do not like
having to forego some UIDE drive caching by using the above,
should damned-well INSIST that "VirtualBox" etc. gets FIXED!
I am VERY TIRED of having to add "Band Aids" into my drivers
to deal with the FOOLISH errors of OTHERS!!

Jack R. Ellis

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