Sun, May 20, 2012 at 5:10 PM, Wolfgang Schechinger <> wrote:
> Der experts,
> may I ask another question:
> Is there a way to make FreeDos ignore that there is a floppy present upon 
> boot, i.e. force a boot from the harddrive? Again only a problem when running 
> it in a VM, I think, as on a hard PC, you may set the boot options in the 

Hi. The best option here is not to do this at the operating system
level, but at the BIOS level. You mentioned in your email that you can
set the BIOS options when booting on a hardware PC. That same BIOS
option exists in true virtual machine emulators.

If you are using VMWare, VirtualPC, Bochs, or some similar virtual
machine emulator, you will have a BIOS present in the virtual machine.
When the VM boots, you should see a message to press a key combination
(usually f11 or f12) that will bring up the BIOS setup.

If you are using a different virtual machine emulator that does not
provide a BIOS (such as DOSEmu) then I'm not sure what you can do to
ensure FreeDOS boots from hard drive instead of floppy drive, other
than not mounting a floppy image on the emulator when you boot it.

I hope that helps you.


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