As an extension to what Tom stated, it is most likely a timing issue, though I 
don't necessarily think it's the 'E0' scancode getting lost.  The cursor 
movement & number pad keys do some weird things in the background that you 
don't normally see.

E.g., even when NumLock is on, and you hold down one of the Shift keys while 
pressing a key on the number pad, it acts like NumLock is off (the Shift keys 
"override" the NumLock state, just like they "override" the CapsLock state for 
the alpha keys).

The cursor movement keys that you are having problems with, which are not on 
the number pad, are supposed to emulate the number pad keys.  That is, they 
need to be aware of the NumLock state, and in some cases will send "fake shift" 
keys along with the actual key press to ensure that they always act like cursor 
movement keys no matter what the actual NumLock state is.  This is complicated 
stuff that all happens in the background, and you normally don't even know that 
it's happening.

Anyway, the bottom line is that I don't think it is the 'E0' scancode that is 
getting lost -- I think it is the "fake shift" keys that are periodically 
getting lost for some reason.

You can download my SCANTEST program (it's included with the USB drivers) and 
can actually see all of the weird stuff that the keyboard does in the 
background.  It may help you figure out what's going on (and it could 
conceivably be related to FDAPM).

Just as another troubleshooting item, does it happen even when you don't have a 
special keyboard driver loaded (like MKEYB)?  That is, does it happen with just 
the default (BIOS) keyboard driver?

If so, (or perhaps even if not so), you might try the MS KEYB program.  It 
completely replaces the BIOS keyboard driver.  None of the other keyboard 
drivers replace the BIOS like MS KEYB does, they just indirectly extend the 
functionality of the BIOS.  None of the other keyboard drivers I'm aware of are 
true replacements for MS KEYB.

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