Eric Auer wrote:

> The ACPI throttle FDAPM SPEEDn thing? Which n value?

I was using FDAPM SPEED1, in order to drop CPU speed from 1000
MHz to under 200 MHz to prevent the Borland runtime 200 bug.

Bret Johnson wrote:

> Just as another troubleshooting item, does it happen even when
> you don't have a special keyboard driver loaded (like MKEYB)?
> That is, does it happen with just the default (BIOS) keyboard
> driver?

> If so, (or perhaps even if not so), you might try the MS KEYB
> program.  It completely replaces the BIOS keyboard driver.

I'll try that.

Tom Ehlert wrote:

> that gives us the idea to ask:
> is this a PS/2 or USB keyboard ?

It is a PS/2 keyboard.

> in fact, when running MKEYB, your system should behave (for these
> keys) almost exactly like 'no driver loaded', as MKEYB looks at these
> keys, and decides *very quickly* that it is not interested in handling
> these keys and passes control back to the BIOS.

> so I would guess that when this effect happens with MKEYB, it will
> happen with the default BIOS keyboard as well.

So I'll do some testing with MKEYB too.

Thanks to all :-)


Marcos Fávero Florence de Barros
Campinas, Brazil

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