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> So no reason to be confused, the "DOS PC as FTP server" is a perfectly 
> valid (and working) solution, just not fitting exactly in my (very 
> personal) needs.
> The only thing I need to look for now is a user-friendly FTP client I 
> could use from the DOS PC. Currently I use either curl (if I need to 
> fetch) or the wattcp FTP client (if I need to push), but since I 
> discovered the FTP capabilities of the latest NDN (thanks Rugxulo!), I 
> will definitely try to make it work, as it's *exactly* what I was 
> looking for. Too bad it craps on me so far, but this must be some 
> configuration problem - Rugxulo implied it worked for him, so there must 
> be a way to make it work on my PC, too.

Does the FTP of NDN really work with plain FreeDOS?

After reading the discussion here

I have the impression it only works under Win32. Please correct me if I am 

Running Far Manager under plain FreeDOS would be VERY interesting - but I 
wasn't able to get it up quickly. A tutorial or a short HOWTO would be great, 
if anyone can reproduce the steps mentioned in the link above.

The only graphical FTP client for DOS I have working is Minuet (shareware, 

Just enter the server address in form of "" and your 
credentials and you get a horizontal two-pane window. 

Sounds better than it actually is. At the moment I prefer starting up mTCP 
ftpsrv and use a GUI client on the OS that actually has a GUI.

kind regards

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