On Wed, Jul 25, 2007 at 04:07:03PM -0700, Peter Scott wrote:
> Yes I understand that ~/.fvwm is re-created when FVWM starts; however
> since I had deleted mine (actually moved it to ~/.fvwm.save) there's no
> config file in it.  Nor is there any config file in any of the places
> in the group you list 11 to 18 lines above.  So it just reads the
> "ConfigFvwmDefaults" file (which is actually, on my machine,
> "/usr/share/fvwm/ConfigFvwmDefaults").  OK, so I will try adding lines

Yes, that's right.  (As I said.)  And yes, often is the case that
$(fvwm-config -d) will expand to either /usr/share/fvwm or

> (a few lines at a time) and see when things break.  Does that sound like
> a good strategy?  (Thanks for telling me about "ConfigFvwmDefaults".)

It does not sound like a good strategy, no.  What is it you're really
wanting (or _think_ you're achieving) by doing that?

> Another possible strategy might be to pull some key lines from
> "ConfigFvwmDefaults"  (I see, for example, sections labeled
> "# Needed by the ewmh support", and "# Needed by modules which use
> session management") and insert them into my own config file.
> Any idea what sections might be key?

No, don't do that -- you get all of that for free anyway unless you
explicitly and deliberately override it in your own ~/.fvwm2rc file.  Forget
I ever mentioned ConfigFvwmDefaults -- just leave it alone.

> OK, what I did was to copy system.fvwm2rc from its location in the
> source code directory to ~/.fvwm/ (renaming it "config"), then log on
> in the usual way for gnome (gnome session with metacity as WM), then,
> from a gnome-terminal, issue the command "fvwm -s 0 --replace".  It is
> at this point that things go awry, with fvwm seeming to start correctly
> with a few flashing windows (with correct title bars) and an FvwmButtons
> panel, then both the title bars and the FvwmButtons disappear and I am
> left in the inoperable state I described earlier.

Well that's certainly one way of doing it -- and that people have reported
success with it before now.

> (I also tried the slightly longer method, involving changing metacity to
> "normal" in the sessions panel (+ apply) then issuing the command
> killall metacity; sleep 2; fvwm &), but neither method works.)

This isn't slightly longer, it's the more correct method.

> What I'm saying is that the above process leads to problems whenever I
> have either my own config or a sample config in ~/.fvwm, but that things
> work correctly if there is no config file to be found in the above list
> of places (and an error message appears on the screen with that list,
> saying no config file found).  So I guess ConfigFvwmDefaults works.  I
> will try putting THAT file in ~/.fvwm (renaming it config) and see if
> that works.

_NO_ -- just leave ConfigFvwmDefaults alone... please?  I suspect what's
happening is that there's something in your ~/.fvwm/config doing something
weird -- such as StartFunction issuing some command, it's hard to say.

I'd wish I'd never mentioned ConfigFvwmDefaults...

-- Thomas Adam

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