On Mon, Aug 13, 2007 at 04:15:37PM -0700, Peter Scott wrote:
> [I now have an FVWM config file that I like, with pretty
> extensive comments.  I would be happy to forward it to anyone
> who wants it.  I also found it helpful to create a pdf file
> from the FVWM man page (using enscript to create a PostScript
> file, and then ps2pdf to create the pdf).  Then one may use
> acroread to view the file, whose excellent search routine can
> then be used to find words or phrases---thus supplying a
> useful ersatz index to the FVWM man page.]

There's already a lot of GNOME information relating to FVWM on the FvwmWiki
which you're welcome to add to [1].  If you're that obsessed by your config
you can also add it to the "screenshots and configs" section of the FVWM
Forums [2].

-- Thomas Adam

[1]  http://fvwmwiki.bu-web.de/FrontPage
[2]  http://fvwm.lair.be

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