On Jul 26, 2007 at 12:16 am, Thomas Adam wrote:
| > So I guess ConfigFvwmDefaults works.  I
| > will try putting THAT file in ~/.fvwm (renaming it config) and see if
| > that works.
| _NO_ -- just leave ConfigFvwmDefaults alone... please?  I suspect what's
| happening is that there's something in your ~/.fvwm/config doing something
| weird -- such as StartFunction issuing some command, it's hard to say.
| I'd wish I'd never mentioned ConfigFvwmDefaults...
| -- Thomas Adam
OK, I had not realized that one's own config file's commands get ADDED
to those in FvwmConfigDefaults (rather than replace that entire file).
(Is that right?)  So I will just try altering my config file and see if
that works.  (I will start with just a few commands that should be
harmless.)  But I was surprised that the sample fvwm2rc file also
behaved in a way similar to my own config file, i.e., it did not work.
Maybe I should try all three sample config files.

Oh well.  I will post anything I find that might possibly be useful.  If
something related to gnome just appeared on the scene (an update) that
caused FVWM to misbehave it would be good to know about it.

And actually I'm glad you DID mention ConfigFvwmDefaults, since knowing
of its existence helps the understanding of how FVWM works.


    -- Peter

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