Am 21.12.2008 um 12:07 schrieb Yann Leboulanger:

You think more people are affected by this 30s timeout than by
filetranfer? Really? I think more people use FT than are on a slow

Yes, definitely. You don't send files all the time. Besides, which problem with file transfers? I haven't seen any yet. Everybody could send me files and receive them so far.

And please, stop saying that only a few people are affected by this and only those with a slow connection, because it's just not true. I got people with 16 MBit connection in my roster who get disconnected all the time etc. And half of those who updated to 0.12 have already complained to me, and all I could tell them was that it's not my fault and I was against relasing it like that.

And I don't see the problem to release 0.12.1 now and 0.12.2 as soon as
all those things are implemented and tested, which is not likely to
happen before some weeks.

"Hmm, I get disconnected all the time, maybe I should update to 0.12.1. No, doesn't seem to fix it. Seems like they can't get it fixed in the near future, so I'll change the client."

I already was asked "How could you release a 0.12 like that? And how can I be sure that 0.12.1 will not introduce other, even nastier bugs? I think I'm going to change the client". If we release a 0.12.1 that still has the bug, we lose the users' trust. Our 0.12.1 must be rock- solid, otherwise we'll use many users, I fear. We already lost enough users, I think (I know of some who didn't want to go back to 0.11.4 and for which disconnects were so unacceptable that they changed to Psi).


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