Jonathan Schleifer wrote:
> Am 21.12.2008 um 11:42 schrieb Yann Leboulanger:
>> I won't put oil on fire, just to tell that after private dicussion,
>> there is indeed a problem with TCP timout, it lasts more than 10 minutes.
> That is because Gajim doesn't call setsockopt().
>> So tests are needed to improve that. But 0.12.1 should be released
>> before that to fix filetransfer I think.
> Well, I have a fix for the timeout problem I guess. I'll outline it here:
> • Use setsockopt() to enable TCP/IP keepalives. We can even adjust 
>   the time for those with setsockopt().
> • Change the behaviour from sending pings every keep_alive_foo_secs
>   to sending a space every keep_alive_foo_secs.
> • Keep the value for keep_alive_every_foo_secs at 55, so we send a
>   space every 55 sec to prevent disconnection.
> • Remove time_for_keep_alive_answer.
> • Try if this is already enough - which is very likely, but if not:
>   • Introduce ping_every_foo_secs and time_for_ping_reply with *SANE* 
>     values. Sane means much higher than the keepalives. Like every 120
>     sec a ping which needs to be answered in 60 sec.
>> Any objection to release 0.12.1 now?
> Yes. Fixing file transfers is not as important as fixing stability
> issues IMO. Fixing the stability isssues should be our top priority atm.
> What do you think about this: We implement those changes I suggest above
> and try if that fixes the issue. I'm pretty sure it will.
> I think releasing a 0.12.1 without a fix for the stability issues will
> disappoint and upset our users a lot, as some were mad enough to change
> clients already (seems Psi is very popular among those). If we release a
> 0.12.1 without that fix, I fear many users will think we're unable to
> fix it and move to another client.
> --
> Jonathan

You think more people are affected by this 30s timeout than by
filetranfer? Really? I think more people use FT than are on a slow

And I don't see the problem to release 0.12.1 now and 0.12.2 as soon as
all those things are implemented and tested, which is not likely to
happen before some weeks.
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