Jonathan Schleifer wrote:
> Am 21.12.2008 um 12:36 schrieb Yann Leboulanger:
>> I think you should read ticket, and test 0.12 branch. There is a missing
>> import so sending file is just not possible.
> Hm, maybe they're using trunk then. I'll have a look.

in trunk ping timout is still 20seconds. So don't talk about 0.12 when
the users you talk about use trunk ...

> That's strange, as it was even discussed in the MUC and reported there.
> You were even highlighted, IIRC. And I got lots of complaints in query,
> even in a social network in the Gajim group were a lot of them and I had
> to explain how to disable keepalives and all said it works much more
> stable since they disabled it.
> If you like, I could forward you some. Many users don't seem to use the
> bug tracker, but complain to developers. When you tell them "File a
> ticket", you usually get only a "later" for an answer.

If one dev get all complaints and don't forward them to bug tracker, I
don't see how we could go forward ...

> If my proposed fix doesn't work, we can still release a 0.12.1 without a
> fix for the timeout. But first, I think we should try the proposed fix.

Have you time to do that with christmas and new year time? I don't. But
that should not prevent a bugfix release for FT.

> PS: Could we have a Reply-To:? I was used to just always add
> to the To: as it's never there, but as you saw
> lately, that can cause quite some confusion (private mail answered
> publically because of that habit etc.)

Don't you have a reply to all or reply to list button in your mailer?
Setting a reply to is most of the time considered as a bad idea:
And that fore sure won't help you to reply in private is by default it
goes to the list !

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