Hi Damien,
Yeah, Indiana Jones uses a bull whip in all of his books, games, and 
movies. When he uses it to swing across a chasm or something the end of 
it wraps around something a couple of times, and then he swings across. 
Like you say that isn't exactly realistic, but is cool anyway, and very 
creative for George Lucas to come up with that idea.
For our purposes we can use something more realistic like a grappling 
hook. Those are just a hook tied to a rope, and those are at least real. 
Though, the grappling gun like you see Batman with is pure fiction.\

Damien Sadler wrote:
> Hi,
> Actually I haven't seen Indiana Jones. Wow! A bullwhip? Bring you to safety? 
> I don't think that that's possible in real life. I mean a bullwhip only has 
> a thin strand at the end, i'd expect, like most whips...but what a thing for 
> a game! That's the thing with games you can make anything happen, whether it 
> be real, imaginary or totally crazy.
> That's why I got into game development in the first place. OK I may not have 
> a right lot to offer at the moment, but I am still working and have got all 
> sorts of code samples and libraries to help me forwards. I suppose the only 
> stumbling block now is high quality sounds. I just wish I could afford 
> expensive sound libraries like Sound Ideas and the BBC sound collections.
> At the moment I'm having to use the very limited LJudo sounds.
> Regards,
> Damien

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