Well, there is Jedi Quake maintained by Cara Quinn. It is basically 
quake with a Star Wars type theme to it.
As for any outright Star Wars games for the blind there aren't any. I 
was working on one called Jedi Strike, but when I attempted to license 
the Star Wars copyrights via Lucas Licensing they flatly refused. 
Besides being very expensive Lucas Licensing only deals with one company 
at a time. For example, since Lucas Arts holds the exclusive copyright 
for Star Wars vidio games my company USA Games can't license the 
copyright, because Lucas Licensing says it would be a conflict of 
interest. I would be competing with their games, and never mind the fact 
my games for the blind wouldn't even scratch their markets. Besides 
witch the couple thousand I would earn off of making said Star wars 
games wouldn't even pay for the royalties they wanted to legally license 
the Star Wars copyrights.
Bottom line, what I learned is clearly Lucas Licensing has nothing in 
place for small time developers wanting to create a game using a Star 
Wars theme. It is clear all of their dealings are with companies with 
millions of dollars to spend, and thus will pay millions to Lucas in 
royalties. A guy expecting to make a few thousand isn't even worth their 
time of day unless I use their copyrights illegally, and then they can 
sue me for copyright infringement. It is a lose lose situation, and 
Lucas Licensing is a bunch of jerks if you ask me.
I have thought about releasing the game as freeware under the creative 
commons license, but even that is no absolute protection. That may give 
them less of a reasont to sue, but they still can come after me with a 
cease and desist order that the courts would uphold stating I have to 
remove the content and destroy all source code, all known copies, etc. 
I'm not sure it is worth the trouble for a blind developer to risk that 
or not.

Michael Amaro wrote:
> Any starwars type games?

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