Hi Bryan,
Unfortunately, the courts probibly wouldn't see it the same way. More 
often as not they would side with Lucas Arts on the copyright issues 
unless I had a good lawyer to prove that their treatment violates the 
fair use provisions of the copyright law in some way.
About George Lucas himself I think he is probibly an ok guy. It is even 
possible he would be willing to see my ideas for an audio Star Wars game 
as being ok. However, people like that hire middle men, like the lawyers 
for Lucas licensing, to handle issues like this and they often draft 
company polacy for stuff like this unless the big man says different. 
Problem is common guys like you and I would have difficulty getting in 
contact with someone like George Lucas as there are a million middle men 
between us and him to ask a question that would normally get handled 
down in the licensing department anyway.

Bryan Peterson wrote:
> Precisely. THere was a huge debate about that on list a while back. I myself 
> an of two minds on the issue. On the one hand I feel that if some small time 
> dev created an accessible Star Wars game and Lucas Arts had a problem with 
> it, it's their own fault for not merely forgetting to take us blind folks 
> into account and consider the fact that we too might enjoy being able to 
> play their games, but also basically snubbing us, which is what they did to 
> Thomas. At the same time no blind person is likely to have the kind of money 
> they would ask for in order to pay for their licensing fees and royalties, 
> and the legal issues are enough to make me cringe just thinking about it. 
> It's sad really, since George Lucas himself seems like a pretty nice guy 
> from the interviews I've heard. But of course it still comes down to those 
> little rectangular green pieces of paper that most of us don't have too many 
> of.

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