Or play a video game in which you must jump over bowls of, um, stuff, and if you don't make it, you go with the flow when the handle on the big tank is pulled by the evil enemy. Then, you travel down into the sewer whether you want to or not, and must work your way back to the surface, battling huge reptilian creatures that became huge from toxic waste poured into the system by big businesses in an effort to save money on the cost of waste disposal. Of course, it is dark down there, and you must rely on sound to find your way.

Pretty is as pretty does.
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Hi Willem,
Grin. Yeah, kind of hard to be writing audio games while sitting on the pot with a bad case of Montezuma's Revenge. Although, sounds like a new idea for a modern bath room upgrade. I can see it now. Someday in the future you might walk into a stall and they will have a little fold down computer or little hand held PDA in there so you can read rss feeds, your e-mail, write business reports, etc all while you are using the John. Either that or you can call up a game of Blackjack, Free Cell, or Yatzi to play while you are taking care of personal business. Sounds like a cool idea to me. Lol!

Willem wrote:
*chuckle* Now we wouldn't want that, as it would set back the release date even more.

Seriously though, it's a good idea to release the older monti as freeware as I rather liked playing it.

Also if you do it, you will give people something to play with while they wait for Mysteries of the ancients.

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