Hi Willem and all,
Sigh. Understand that the Genesis Engine was never designed with this sort of thing in mind. It was designed to place monsters and items for an FPS game and not for a side-scroller. To add certain monster sponnning triggers like you propose means I have to reopen the Genesis core again and redesign the way monsters are placed on the game level. Your suggestion is completely uncompatible with the way things are done currently. I don't want future Genesis based titles to do that. So if I am going to decide to do this then I basically have to drop the idea of using Genesis as the core engine behind the game. it needs to be stand alone because the engine I planned to create and MOTA are becoming less and less compatible all the time. Besides i am currently working with a limited budget and with limited time on my hands as it is. That is why I have set a personal deadline for this game. I am suffering from extreme burn out, and after it is released I don't ever want to create another side-scroller as long as I live. The way I see it I am currently writing a game to pay my debt to the buyers of the game, and not for myself. If I had any choice in the matter, if I didn't have several pre-orders hanging over my head, i would have trashed the game long ago. So I plan to create a decent game, but please don't ask me to spend an extra six months or even six weeks adding features that will put this game passed my initial deadline. i just want it done and over with.

Willem wrote:
Hi Thomas.

I think you are not viewing the whole problem of randomising the appearance of monsters.

If a player enters a room, he would be standing on the floor, right. Or if he would jump and land he would then be on the floor. So you would have the Y coordinate automaticly and wouldn't have to randomly find it.

Also if the door is opened, a check could be made if there would be a monster on the other side of the door and if so, what kind. And if the player walks past certain points, triggers could be set off to spawn some random monsters.

That is just my humble opinion.

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