Hi Ryan,
Yes, there is a very good reason why I can't really have you jump and shoot like in Megaman or Castlevania. First, reason is there is a world of difference between a keyboard and a classic NES controller. With the NES game pad you could easily press down the A and B buttons together as well as press a direction to aim quite easily. With MOTA, on a keyboard, it would involve holding down the control key, the space bar, as well as a arrow key to jump and shoot. That isn't exactly the most comfortable keyboard command to hold down when fighting in a game. Second reason is I have already added features to Genesis that would prevent such a jump and shoot attack to begin with. Like with the Tomb Raider games I like if your weapons are drawn it slows your jump and thus you can't jump as far or as high when they are drawn. So if you need to do a very large jump you need to holster your guns or sheath your sword to get the maximum height and distance of your jump. If you need both to jump and shoot you are basically screwed.

Ryan Strunk wrote:

Is there any reason you couldn't go the route of Megaman and Castlevania and
force the player to have to jump and shoot the harpies? The bats in both of
the above-mentioned games are perfect examples of this. Also, in
Castlevania, you had all those candles hanging on the walls that you had to
jump and whip. How hard would this be to program?


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